Botanical garden

The Botanical Garden ,designed by the architect Angel of Diego Rica and inaugurated in 2002, is a living museum where vegetation becomes art. It is located within the urban area of the municipality, with several access gates; the main door of the White Garden on La Torre street.

It has an extension of about 60,000 m2, in which we can contemplate more than 300 different woody species and a great diversity of herbaceous plants; all of them ordered in different areas that hide a multitude of secrets and curiosities.

Located in a watchtower with views of the mountains of Triano, within the town of Barakaldo, in addition to native species, in the Garden we can contemplate plants from different parts of the world, such as: the papyrus, several specimens of pinsapo, a white jupiter tree, deciduous magnoliums, a false pimentero, several false pink acacias, chestnut trees of red Indians, , a stocking, etc…. 

Ramón Rubial
A person who dedicated his life to the struggle for the rights of the working class Plants from here and far away

Plantas de aquí y de lejanos lugares

Taxodium distichum
This curious conifer, native to southeastern North America, changes the leaves every year and can live in the water.
Quercus robur
Oak leaf is an identifying image of Bizkaia

Curious plants

Malus floribunda
Not everything is what it seems. These apples of Japanese origin, at first glance can be mistaken for cherries.
Ginkgo biloba
Some plants are authentic living fossils, such as Ginkgo that already existed more than 270 million years ago, living with dinosaurs and surviving the last glaciation.
Cyperus papyrus
This reed, characteristic of humid Mediterranean environments, was used by the ancient Egyptians for the manufacture of the papyrus in which they wrote their manuscripts.

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