Botanical garden route

Sustained on a hill that descends from the Neighborhood of San Vicente and overlooks a large panorama that extends over the bank of the Galindo River, the Botanical Garden

Bide Onera
Square Our tour starts at Bide Onera Square (No1),right at the back of the Palace of Justice building. From there we take the avenue Gernikako Arbola, place that, with its arcades and terraces, offers shelter at any time of the year to the numerous passers-by that walk this wide street from which, in its final part, we will connect with one of the entrances to the Botanical Garden (No2).

White garden
Garden The white garden door facilitates access to one of the many sectors in which this green belt is divided that, with an area of about 65,000 square meters, was inaugurated on June 21, 2002. Here we can choose between walking along the Cherry Blossoms Way, contemplating the blue sprucees, visiting the Tree of Judas, stopping at the numerous rhododendrons or evoking landscapes far away from the Japanese maples.

Seasonal gardens
After crossing this area, and while we skirt the park through one of its most eccentric circles, we pass through the garden and the Winter forest, followed by the Autocton, Autumn, Summer and Spring, in a rich sequence of unique spaces. Children’s play areas intersect with small paths and walks that connect us in all directions, while the view and smell are caught up in countless botanical species from all over the world. Jasmines and junipers, mimosas and fir trees, sequoyas and aller, birch and elders, palm trees and poplars, acacias and willows, are just a small sample of the more than 1,200 tree and vegetable species of this park still in development, which shows us the patterns of the landscape to which it aspires to become through its own life cycle.

Exotic garden
Garden Next to all this, we can also find an exotic garden, aromatic plants, water lilies and, touring much of the park’s plot, a whole system of small streams, waterfalls, as well as a central lake, with its corresponding viewpoint, which opens over the entire green cornice and from which there is a privileged view over the skyscrapers of San Vicente and the Commercial complex of Megapark.

The lighting (the park is open from 10 a.m. to 9 a.m. in winter) is another of the most well-kept issues of the surrounding urban furniture. Elements with protruding arms and suspended luminaires to avoid the encounter with the branching of the woodland, and straight supports of low heights, contribute to the uniformity, location and framing of the different forest masses, as well as a perfect visualization of roads, so that it offers a feeling of tranquility and stillness, inviting the walk, stay and enjoyment of the park.

Gernikako Arbola
The exit of the Botanical Garden is carried out by the same door in which we carry out the access. From there we will continue along the same avenue Gernikako Arbola (No3),this time by the opposite sidewalk, until reaching the promenade that also runs along, and its lower part, the Arteagabeitia Park, from which we will access the Sculpture Garden that, with an area of almost 11,000 square meters previously occupied by orchards and abandoned spaces, has been configured as another large leisure space, with a central square with children’s play area and a promenade flanked by garden areas. This is how we arrive at the starting point, next to the Palace of Justice.

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